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Visionary Beauty Co. is an award-winning beauty studio that specializes in lashes & PMU brows.

Our unique approach to each of our services allows us to curate a personalized & tailored look that compliments you and all of your features best. Whether you are looking for something soft & natural, or ready for a bold change, we’ve got you covered and couldn’t be more excited to help bring your
aesthetic goals to life.

Meet our Multi-Certified Lead Artist Paige and learn why she is so passionate about what she does.

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Lash Extensions, Lift & Tint, and Permanent Makeup

Our Commitment to


At Visionary Beauty Co., we take your safety seriously so that we can ensure an experience that goes beyond beauty. Here’s how we prioritize your safety and well-being:
  • Tailored Approach

    You are unique and your lashes/brows should be too! That’s exactly why we tailor each of our services to be the perfect fit for you. Our in-depth consultation process allows us to review your aesthetic goals and create a personalized game plan that highlights you and all of your best features. A few ways we do this is by creating detailed lash/brow maps based on your features, desires and natural brow hair/lashes. We also mix pigments to create the perfect custom colour for you! You will be very much involved in this process to ensure you are feeling comfortable and confident. After all, your opinion matters most!

  • High-Quality Products

    From adhesives to pigments, we meticulously select high-quality, industry-leading products that ensure not only stunning results but also provide a safe and comfortable experience for you.

  • Clean & Comfortable Environment

    Prioritizing a clean environment and performing hygienic services is non-negotiable at Visionary Beauty Co. Our studio adheres to the highest level of cleanliness standards which means every visit is an opportunity for relaxation and beauty without any compromise on hygiene.

  • Integrity First

    From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we are committed to providing accurate information, setting realistic expectations, and ensuring that your safety & the health of your lashes/brows are never compromised.

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